Know your garments and what goes into their making for better skin care
Is Sustainable Fashion possible?
With increased social awareness to fight climate change, sustainability is becoming a subject that fashion giants can no longer afford to ignore.
Fast Fashion Harms Us Faster
Fast fashion has taken the apparel market by storm. Compared to the past, new designs are hitting the shelves much faster. Because the intervals between designs have shortened, we now see more seasons in a...
Plastics in the Ocean
The amount of trash being discarded at sea is reaching an alarming rate. In 1998, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the United States first brought the Great Pacific Garbage...
Think twice before you next use microfibres
How much are you aware of the uses of microfibres and the disadvantages of using it? Microfiber-based fabrics are soft and lightweight, dry easily and can exist in many forms. There is however a catch to it.
The harsh reality of chemicals in garments
Did you know that our garments contain a ton of invisible chemicals lurking in its neatly woven fabric? Names such as formaldehyde, perfluorinated chemicals are probably ingredients you would not fancy in...
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