Where does cotton come from?

Where does cotton come from?

Where does cotton come from? It comes from crops of cotton farming and is one of world’s dirtiest crop. 

Cotton – Dirty Crop
Cotton comes from the cotton crops, of course. Unfortunately, in modern farming, cotton stands as one of the world’s dirtiest crops. Cotton crops are usually genetically modified and bred to contain a toxic bacterium, Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt). In other words, cotton is a GMO and chemically influenced crop and it is no longer the “pure and natural” crop that it once was. Irrespective of the invention of GM cotton, cotton is still consistently ranked amongst the top five crops that use the most pesticides.

How Harmful?
8 out of top 10 pesticides utilized in conventionally produced cotton in the United States were classified as moderately to highly hazardous by the World Health Organization. To add to the issue, cotton is one of the most widely cultivated crops in the world. It covers 2.5% of world’s total agricultural land and its production amounted to 26 million tonnes.

Why to Prevent It?
Due to its widespread usage around the world, this chemically impure and toxic cotton affects not only what we wear but also what we eat. Does it not bother you that the branded cotton t-shirt, your 10-year old child wears is genetically embedded with Bt.?

Do you know that these toxic cotton seeds are being fed to cows that provide us with beef and milk? Or that those delicious French fries are probably fried in this contaminated cotton seed oil? Needless to say, it is a health hazard leading to direct poisoning to the farmers, and degenerative disease and cancer risk to consumers and everyone in the process.

It also poses environmental hazards in the form of soil erosion and degradation, water shortage and pollution, and biological imbalance.

Benefits of organic cotton

Organic Cotton – Need of the Day
Organic cotton is not genetically modified or adulterated with toxic chemicals. It doesn’t poison our earth and the ecological system. It is safer for everyone including farmers, communities and consumers. It sustains agricultural diversity.

Choose organic cotton starting today and...

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