Free Shipping

Regardless of where you are, all of our products are shipped to you directly from our warehouse in Asia to minimize transshipment. We will take advantage of regular postal services, which we believe to be the most carbon and cost-effective solution. It will take slightly longer to reach you than commercial carriers, but we will waive shipping charges for all purchases, subject to the terms and conditions as stated below.

Estimated Time to Reach You

Listed below are our estimates. Actual work days to reach you will depend on

i) The time required to clear customs and/or

ii) If mailing falls on a peak mailing season such as Christmas.

Region/CountryEstimated # work days
North America7-10
Australia & NZ7-9
Japan & Korea7-9
Hong Kong2
Other Countries7-15

Terms and Conditions for Free Shipping

  1. Shipping via a standard postal plan at our discretion; and
  2. Depending on what plan is available for a specific country, we will choose one that is most cost- and time-effective. Some plans may require a recipient's signature upon arrival.

Express Shipment

If for any reason you would like to receive the merchandise urgently, instead of free shipping, you may choose the “Speedpost” plan under the Hong Kong Post box or a commercial carrier and you will receive the merchandise within 4 to 5 work days in most cases. However, we do encourage you to take advantage of our free shipping plan.

Duties and Taxes

Our local laws do not require us to include any duties or taxes on our invoices.  To adhere to international shipping requirements of various countries, we state the total value and detail of goods on custom declaration following instruction specified by our carrier.

Many countries currently only charge duties or taxes on imports when the total value of a shipment exceeds a threshold amount.  We list here the countries that we most frequently ship to as examples.

Please use this information for reference only and when in doubt, consult your local authority.  Our information here is based on online data available at the time of writing and to our knowledge is consistent with what our customers have experienced.

Cross border internet shipment duties taxes

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