New iKotton BareForm Product Line

(Updated: Dec 18, 2018)

Trial Completion

Thanks to the support of our participants, our BareForm trial is now completed.

The feedback from our participants, whether it be positive or negative, is extremely valuable to us. We are encouraged to hear positive experiences from our participants who have explained that the two styles put to test were providing relief at various degrees to their skin conditions. We are also thankful to those who gave us honest feedback on where improvements can be made to BareForm. Their constructive comments have given us insights on where we need to do better to cater to our diverse supporters.

To bring our trial to a satisfactory conclusion, we are sharing the trial report here with our participants and to anyone who has an interest to learn more about BareForm.


This trial has been a great experience for us and we will organize similar trials for our future products. For those of you who have missed this trial but have an interest to participate in our future trials, we encourage you to sign up for our newsletter. We will keep you informed of our exciting new activities.

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The New iKotton BareForm Product Line

100% organic cotton in its purest form and color
Completely free of pesticides, bleach, dyes and chemicals
No elastics along the thigh line
No spandex
No latex
Hypoallergenic and breathable 24/7

Bareform Midee 2.jpg
BareForm Midee
BareForm Bikini
BareForm Bikini 2

Product successfully added to the product comparison!