Designed for sensitive skin

Undergarments designed for Sensitive Skin

Although each person has different skin conditions and we cannot guarantee our undergarments are always 100% allergy free, we remove the sources of irritants as best we can so that we can provide to you designs that cater specifically to sensitive skin.

  • Latex is a common skin allergen and we use as little of latex materials as possible. If we have to use it at all, we ensure the latex will not be in direct contact with skin.
  • Spandex is made up of at least 85% polyurethane polymer. Although not as common as latex induced allergies, there are some reported cases associated with skin contacts with spandex. The exact cause is not known yet. While spandex is required to keep the undergarments flexible and in shape, we make sure our organic cotton is mixed with as little spandex as possible.
  • To ensure our accessories do not contain harmful substances, we source them only from Oeko-Tex certified manufacturers.
  • We ensure our materials do not contain chemicals that have been reported to cause skin irritation such as florescent whitener and formaldehyde (commonly used for bleaching and wrinkle resistant respectively).
  • We also have styles with lace sewn on top of the cotton fabric to minimize direct skin contact with lace.

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